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AUTOMATE+ Removal from your AWS account - Troubleshooting

It is possible for a customer to experience an issue with removing AUTOMATE+

Challenges, albeit rare, may arise during or post deployment, or during the removal of AUTOMATE+.

⦿ My deployment is showing as still in progress within the AUTOMATE+ dashboard after 60 minutes?

This issue can potentially be triggered where a user has either:
a) Not actioned the cross-account role CloudFormation tab due to it being blocked by their browser
b) AWS permissions are not appropriately in place.

If this occurs, please send an email to with the AWS Account ID and a screenshot of the Manage Accounts table within the AUTOMATE+ dashboard. The Support team will assist you in removal of any problematic configurations. We can also assist with redeployment if required.

⦿ I deleted my AWS Account from the Manage Accounts table in AUTOMATE+ however the six-pillars stacks and functionality are still installed within my AWS Account.

If you have deleted the Account from the Manage Accounts table without performing the Cleaning process then AUTOMATE+ will still be installed within the AWS account.

To remove AUTOMATE+ and the relevant native AWS services from your account, follow the steps outlined below:
1) Log into the AWS Account that you wish to remove AUTOMATE+ from
2) Log into AUTOMATE+
3) Navigate to Utilities / Account Cleaner within the AUTOMATE+ dashboard
4) Select the AWS region of the previous AUTOMATE+ deployment and then click Launch Cleaner. Please ensure that your browser is not blocking tabs and/or popups as a new CloudFormation tab will attempt to open.
5) Complete the CloudFormation tab acknowledgements and click Create Stack. It should take between 3-5 minutes for the cleaner stack to deploy. Once deployed, the AUTOMATE+ installation will be removed within 5-10 minutes.
6) Once all six-pillars CloudFormation stacks have been deleted, you can select the cleaner stack and click Delete.

Following deletion of the Cleaner stack, the AUTOMATE+ installation is now completely removed.

AUTOMATE+ Removal from your AWS account - Troubleshooting

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