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Knowledge Base

AUTOMATE+ SaaS Quick-Start Guide

Signup, Deploy & Explore!

AUTOMATE+ Deployment requirements and troubleshooting

AUTOMATE+ Requirements - AWS Cross-Account Role & associated permissions

AUTOMATE+ Removal from your AWS account - Troubleshooting

Template Scanner API Integration

Integrate the AUTOMATE+ Template Scanner with your pipeline via API

Teams Integration

Integrate AUTOMATE+ with Teams

Deploy Automate+

How to sign-up and deploy AUTOMATE+ to your AWS Account(s)

SaaS User - Multifactor Authentication Setup (MFA)

Help setting up MFA for a user account

Remove AUTOMATE+ from your AWS Account

Follow these steps to remove AUTOMATE+ from your AWS Account

Slack Integration

Integrate AUTOMATE+ with Slack

Google Chat Integration

Integrate AUTOMATE+ with Google Chat

Help remediating AWS CloudWatch 1-14 Security Controls

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