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Remove AUTOMATE+ from your AWS Account

Follow these steps to remove AUTOMATE+ from your AWS Account

To remove AUTOMATE+ from your AWS account, please follow the steps below. Should you run into any issues during the process, please contact for assistance.

1. Log into the AWS Account that you wish to remove AUTOMATE+ from
2. In a separate tab of the same browser log into AUTOMATE+ via
3. In the AUTOMATE+ Dashboard, navigate to Manage Accounts
4. Identify the AWS Account you wish to remove from AWS and click Clean. A new browser tab will open with a pre-filled CloudFormation template. (Please ensure that new tabs & popups, at least from are allowed, if not you will have to repeat the process after allowing popups)
5. Acknowledge the IAM checkbox and click Create Stack, this will work similar to the deployment, however with the 6pillars cleaner, and in reverse.

It should take between 3-5 minutes for the cleaner stack to deploy successfully. Once deployed, the cleaner stack will commence the removal of six-pillars, AUTOMATE+ stacks.

Note: Due to the architecture of AWS CloudFormation, we sometimes see on occasion that the deletion process can fail at first. This is no cause for concern, the cleaner will continue to run and re-attempt removal. All six-pillars stacks should be removed within 10-15 minutes.

6. After the AWS native services associated with AUTOMATE+ have been removed from the connected account & once all six-pillars stacks are removed, you can select the Cleaner stack in "Stacks" and click delete. The cleaner stack will then be deleted.

7. After AUTOMATE+ has been removed from the relevant AWS account, you can remove the account connection from your AUTOMATE+ "deployed accounts" screen, by clicking the trash can icon and selecting "YES" to remove.

If you require any assistance with removing AUTOMATE, please contact

Remove AUTOMATE+ from your AWS Account

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